What We Do

Upgrade Projects

  • There are many known risks stemming from having an outdated IT System;
  • External pressures drive the enhancement of the systems to make them compliant with market conventions or new regulations;
  • The software providers tend to decrease the service level for older versions and indirectly force clients to adopt the latest one available on the market.

The ideal solution is to always be up-to-date with the market by rolling out the newest versions. But simultaneously, you need reliable, working technology and must keep disruptions to the day-to-day operations to a minimum.

Understanding the challenges that you are facing, we are here to take this pressure off of you.

  • We will run the upgrade project independently or complement your team.
  • You will benefit from our broad system expertise, excellent consultancy, transparency and dedication.

During the Upgrade Project, we will:

  • Assess the system landscape;
  • Collaborate with you to define/execute the business scenarios;
  • Design/plan/execute the regression testing;
  • Optimise testing using automation;
  • Perform root cause analysis and incident management;
  • Review new features and give you a proper overview and recommendations;
  • Transfer the knowledge so that your team is able to easily maintain the upgraded system.


  • Fusion Capital Summit (experience with upgrade to V5.7 and V6.0)
  • Fusion Banking LoanIQ (version 6)
  • Fusion Capital Sophis
  • Fusion Capital components