What We Do

Implementation Projects

  • In the current environment, change is very frequent and the financial technology sector faces the challenge of constantly enhancing the underlying IT Systems.
  • Even if you are running on the latest versions and having an array of out-of-the-box functionalities, there are still those special cases that cannot be fulfilled with core capabilities (specific reporting, improved risk view, new pricing model etc.).

We understand that new requirements have to be fitted in your unique landscape and we will use our experience to transform an idea into a deliverable that is well integrated, easy to maintain and answers your business needs precisely.

During the Implementation Project, we will:

  • Organise workshops with the key users to understand the scope and requirements;
  • Design the solution and integrate it in your landscape;
  • Develop and test;
  • Train the users on the new functionality;
  • Provide documentation for handover.


  • Customisation of risk management analyses;
  • Implementation of new valuation models;
  • Creation of new structured products;
  • Development of client specific reports;
  • Enhancements to the User Interface including implementation of validation rules and data entry constrictions;
  • Interfacing between multiple systems.